Masic Logistics has constructed "Montijoon" which is ready-made factories in the Third Industrial City in Riyadh and the Second Industrial Zone of the Industrial Cities Authority in the south of Jeddah.  Montijoon is a solution that is provided to support a wide range of different industries in a number of industrial cities across the Kingdom and serve small and medium enterprises alike.

This unique idea of ​​ready-to-use factories enables the tenants to move and start their operations and not having to engage in the problematic construction and design process. The total area of ​​“Montijoon Riyadh” is about 88,000 square meters and includes 72 factories of five different types, and the area ranges from 611 to 1,170 square meters.

Each factory is designed in Montijoon as it includes production area, office area and car parking area with the necessary basic facilities which include firefighting system and electric power.