Muntajoon, ready-built factories dedicated to entrepreneurs and beginners in the industry, have been established by MASIC Logistics. Muntajoon is a solution that supports a wide range of different industries in a number of industrial cities across the Kingdom in addition to serving both small and medium enterprises.
This unique idea of ready-to-use factories enables the tenant to immediately start operating his business without incurring the hassle of design, construction and building.

Muntajoon (1) Riyadh:
The project is located in Riyadh, the Third Industrial City (Al-Ha'ir) with a total area of about 88,000 square meters and 72 factories with five areas ranging from 611 to 1,170 square meters.

Muntajoon (2) Jeddah:

The project is located in Jeddah in the Second Industrial City, with an area of 120,136 square meters and 119 factories in three different areas of 666, 1550, and 675 square meters.

Muntajoon (3) Riyadh:
The project is located in Jeddah in the 3rd Industrial City, with an area of 92,220 square meters and 98 factories and a single area of 619 square meters for each factory with the possibility of merging more than one factory. For more information please download the brochure.


Facilities & Services

  • Ready-to-run production halls
  • Administrative offices
  • Toilets
  • Security room with private toilet
  • Parking lots
  • Scheme illumination
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Fire fighting systems
  • Site maintenance
  • The possibility of integrating more than one factory when needed to provide larger areas
  • The possibility of applying for an industrial loan from the Industrial Fund

Muntajoon (3) Jeddah: new
Muntajoon (4) Riyadh: new