LAAM Residential and Commercial Complex was established and developed by MASIC Logistics with the aim of improving its logistics services by providing full-service and multi-functional facilities. The complex is provided with housing for workers and employees, a central kitchen, a retail complex and administrative offices. All of this contributed to LAAM Complex, a unique experience that outperforms the competitors in the local market, providing a modern environment capable of meeting the requirements and goals of its residents by giving a flexible space for living, working and luxury. The complex is located in the second industrial city in Riyadh with a total area of 68,192 square meters. The workers residence contains eleven buildings with an area of 29,567 square meters, each one consists of four floors with a total of 1,270 fully furnished standard rooms with an area of 26 square meters. The employee residence, in turn, contains three buildings with four floors, with a total area of 9,230 square meters and 447 fully furnished standard rooms of 23 square meters.

Features of the plaza:

  • Fully furnished rooms
  • Separate toilets and showers on each floor of the workers' housing
  • Separate toilets for each room (employee housing)
  • Separate laundry room on each floor
  • Central kitchen for daily meals
  • Three-story mosque
  • Internet
  • Recreation and fitness services
  • Outdoor entertainment
  • Trade fairs
  • medical clinic
  • outdoor playgrounds
  • 24/7 security monitoring


LAAM Complex 2 in Jaddah (soon)

Al-Fadhili Housing Project: (Adding Aramco logo + pictures of Al-Fadhili housing)
MASIC Logistics is currently working on the construction of Aramco's Al-Fadhili Housing Project at its location in the Eastern Province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The project will have a capacity to accommodate 2,500 employees working in oil and gas production in the north (Al-Fadhili, Wasit, and Khursaniyah) in the east of the Kingdom.
The project covers an area of nearly 700,000 square meters and is provided with all the various luxury services.